Extremely knowedgable and relentless

James Fox took on my malpractice case, battled in court and won a large sum of money for my family — amazing lawyer…brilliant in the courtroom!


My daughter suffered a very serious injury at birth. Mr. Fox obtained a settlement that guarantees her lifetime financial security. Thank you Mr Fox!

He knows so much medicine – smarter then my doctor!

Sometimes I forget Fox is not a doctor — he’s the smartest lawyer I’ve ever met and knew more medicine than stupid doctors who nearly killed me by prescribing the wrong drug. The pharmacy should have picked up on my doctors mistake. Fox filed suit against doctor and pharmacy and we won! I learned to always double check any prescription pills before taking them. fox taught me some good lesson. His staff was really nice too — great people, always there to help. I hope I wing need them again — but I trust them with all I got!

I wish I hired him first!

I had a bad accident and hired a lawyer I found on internet who wanted to settle my case for $15,000. Then I found Fox and Fox who ended up suing my first lawyer for legal malpractice and got $250,000…which I was entitled to in first place.

A lawyer with a heart

Mr. Fox was wonderful. I was in a bad car accident with my two daughters. He took care of us from the very beginning. He handled everything in a very professional manner, and at the same time was very caring and reassuring. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer.

Handled the wrongful death of my wife

My wife died in a hospital due to malpractice. Mr. Fox took my case and settled it so that my two girls now have a college fund, and I am able to provide for them until that time. He helped me through a difficult time in my life and I am very grateful.