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What are the most common causes of Truck accident?

Nationwide, two thousand people are killed every year in truck collisions. When a truck loses one of its 18 wheels on the highway, it bounces in traffic at a high rate of speed, crosses over into oncoming cars, and slams into another vehicle causing a devastating crash. Oftentimes, the truck driver does not even know it occurs until well after the crash and he discovers a missing tire.

Trucks are heavy vehicles loaded with tons of cargo. When they strike a car, the result is usually minor injury to the truck driver, minor damage to the truck, but major catastrophic damage to the vehicle and the people inside the vehicle. It is a very unforgiving type of crash.

Truck accidents occur while trucks are turning in urban traffic and their rear wheels can run up over the curb, strike pedestrians, and do real mayhem to people. Even on sidewalks, truck accidents can occur as trucks make turns that are too tight for the long trailers.

what do you do If you’re involved in a Sherman Oaks truck accident?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has strict regulations regarding drivers’ driving times, sleep requirements, and awake times — they are trying to avoid causing sleepy drivers, drowsy drivers, and drivers falling asleep at the wheel. The Department of Transportation requires careful record-keeping by the owners and operators of trucking businesses.

A Sherman Oaks personal injury lawyer handling these truck accident cases is required to understand all of the regulatory requirements for truck drivers and to subpoena the records from the trucking company to document the amount of time this driver has been on the road and when he last slept. Sherman Oaks truck accident attorney is also required to document periodic vehicle inspections and daily inspections of the vehicle for the equipment failures.

Is compensation available in the Sherman Oaks truck accident case?

Truck accidents typically result in very serious injuries, which oftentimes include fractures, and both spinal cord and head injuries. Occasionally, with truck crashes, there are vehicle or truck fires that result in burn injuries.

Our Sherman Oaks truck accident lawyer will fully evaluate all the serious injuries that are caused in a truck crash and obtain fair compensation for the pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of earnings, future earning capacity, and future pain and suffering.

Should you call the police After Truck Accident?

If it is a serious truck crash, the police will come. The person’s first priority in any truck or vehicle crash should be to make sure they are physically okay. Then check whether anyone else has suffered any injuries. At some point, the police should be notified. People need to worry about their health and take care of themselves after a truck accident crash.

What if a driver tells you not to report?

By law, accidents that result in property damage of over a few hundred dollars must be reported to the DMV. If there is a concern that you are injured in a truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, or auto accident, you should call the police.

If there is an injury, the police will do a report. Often, if the police conclude that there is no injury, they may not even do a report. You are much better off making a bodily injury claim if you have the backing of a police report. If there is any question, the police should be called.

Our Sherman Oaks personal injury law firm takes all injury claims involving medicine, injury, and the law. This would include:

How Fox and Fox LAW Corporation CAN help in Sherman Oaks?

Our Sherman Oaks truck accident attorneys law firm will investigate the root cause of the truck accident, whether it is a runaway tire, a blown-out tire, a brake failure, driver fatigue, falling asleep behind the wheel, being negligent or inattentive, not loading the trailer properly, or pulling a trailer with an improper load.

Our Sherman Oaks truck accident lawyer will also investigate what entities and businesses are legally responsible for the truck driver.

The truck driver is typically hired by a sub-hauler, a hauler, a logistics company, or an interstate commerce company. These different businesses that are involved in booking a cargo run, loading the cargo, dispatching the cargo, may all have legal responsibilities. That is important when there is a serious injury and the driver’s insurance policy may not be adequate to compensate the injured party. However, the shipper, the logistics company, even the steamship company from which the container came, could all potentially have legal liability in a truck crash case.

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