Brain Injury Lawyers in Sherman Oaks, CA

What is a brain injury?

Any trauma to the head may result in a brain injury. Some brain injuries can be seen on an X-ray or an MRI scan. Others can only be detected with neuropsychological tests which show loss of memory, cognitive function, or speech.

There is a spectrum of brain injury from mild to serious, and the serious brain injuries where you typically can see evidence on the MRI are relatively easy to prove. The more difficult and challenging are the more subtle traumatic brain injuries or TBI that occur sometimes in seemingly minor head trauma. By definition, a concussion is a brain injury. A concussion is a bruise to the brain.

Sometimes, concussions heal uneventfully, but other times they go on to cause post-concussion syndromes, loss of memory, personality changes, or psychological and psychiatric changes.

What types of injuries are commonly covered?

The typical brain injury evaluation requires neuropsychological, psychiatric, and emotional components. Our firm also looks at changes in speech, changes in behavior, and changes in personality. At the more severe levels, we look to evaluate motor changes such as in the gait and how someone walks, whether they have sensation in the beds of their feet, or whether they are able to control their facial musculature. A person with a stroke has an asymmetrical smile or they may have a difficulty getting food into their mouth, or swallowing. These are all results of brain injury.

Why would someone need an Brain injury attorney?

Brain injury claims are often disputed by the insurance company. Many cannot be seen on an MRI or an X-ray, so it requires an explanation by a lawyer with the proper forensic testing to advocate the position in favor of the injured party, namely that the brain injury is real and not faked; it is not make-believe.

Fox and Fox Corporation has experienced lawyers to prove that the injury is real.

What experience does fox and fox have in Sherman Oaks?

Fox and Fox Corporation has prosecuted, through jury trial, multiple claims involving brain injury. Some are simple. For example, we successfully prosecuted a claim against an obstetrician who cut into a baby’s brain during a Cesarean section to deliver an otherwise healthy baby. This caused a brain injury. Even there, the permanent nature and extent of the brain injury was disputed by the doctor and his insurance company. Our firm had to demonstrate not only that the injury had occurred when the scalpel entered the brain, but also that the results were lifetime and catastrophic.

Why Fox and Fox Corporation IS the best choice

Our firm is the best choice for anyone with a brain injury or any type of bodily injury, because we have the proven track record of results, which we can document. We obtain fair compensation for our clients. Sometimes, lawyers advertise that they work on million-dollar cases, but they do not actually deliver million-dollar results. What we do at Fox and Fox is actually deliver on our promise to get full and fair compensation for our clients.

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