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What are the first steps to take after A car accident in Sherman Oaks, California?

It is important to take care of yourself after an automobile accident. Make sure you do not require medical attention. If so, get it immediately. If you have a choice to ride in the tow truck to the auto body shop versus going to the hospital to get checked out, forget the car. Go to the hospital and get checked out.

Sherman Oaks car accident attorneys at Fox and Fox Corporation often helps people find doctors if they do not have one, but the insurance companies respect a personal injury claim more if they see that the injured party went to their own physician instead of going to a physician selected by a lawyer.

A chiropractor selected by a Sherman Oaks car accident lawyer gets very low marks by the insurance company. They place a much higher value on an injured person going to an emergency room, and/or seeing their actual private physician.

Why would you need a Sherman Oaks Auto accident lawyer?

You need a Sherman Oaks auto accident attorney to fight for you to get the insurance company to pay for your injury, your medical expenses, your pain and suffering, and your loss of earnings. The insurance companies, which pay damages to victims of automobile accidents, do not want to pay very much. They take premiums from people who drive cars and invest those premiums in real estate and in business. They do not like to pay it out to the injured party.

Should you consult with your insurance company?

It is important to report your car accident to your own insurance company. It is perfectly okay to cooperate with your own insurance company after a crash. What you do not want to do is agree to any recorded statements, however, until you have actually spoken to a Sherman Oaks car accident attorney.

If anyone from the other person’s insurance company, or an investigator, calls you and asks you for a recorded statement, you should respectfully decline.

Then, if you are injured after an auto crash, seek medical attention.

What does you need to bring to your initial consultation?

We suggest that you bring a friend or a family member who can help explain how the accident and injuries have changed your life. Oftentimes, the injured party is so devastated by the injuries from the crash, he or she forgets — or is not able to communicate — all of the problems associated with the injuries. Our Sherman Oaks car accident law firm finds it extremely helpful if a new client brings someone they trust, preferably a relative or a loved one.

The client should also bring the insurance card for their own vehicle, and any paperwork received from the emergency room or the police. Our law firm can usually obtain anything you do not bring. Our Sherman Oaks car accident attorney will have authorizations to be signed to allow the police, the fire department, and the emergency responders to provide any needed documentation, along with medical releases so we can communicate with their physicians.

Fox and Fox Corporation does not want to discourage anyone from seeing a Sherman Oaks auto accident lawyer just because they do not have all that information. It is important to get to a doctor and get to a Sherman Oaks car accident lawyer so that evidence can be preserved and the investigation can begin.

Our Sherman Oaks personal injury law firm takes all injury claims involving medicine, injury, and the law. This would include:

Why choose Sherman Oaks Auto Accident Attorney AT Fox & Fox LAW Corporation?

Our Sherman Oaks auto accident lawyer leaves no stone unturned when investigating the causes of injuries that result from auto crashes. Some of these causes are not so obvious to many lawyers.

For example, in a catastrophic crash involving high speeds, we look at airbags. Did they deploy when they should have? Did they deploy properly? Is it the airbag or the crash itself that actually caused the injury? The same analysis goes into seat belts. Occasionally, crashes occur as a result of tire blowouts causing a vehicle to lose control and crash. Sometimes, those are head-on collisions or rollover-type situations. We look at the tires, the brakes, and the vehicle components to determine whether there were any defects that caused the vehicle to lose control and crash.

An example of a case our Sherman Oaks car accident attorneys law firm tried would be against a major German auto manufacturer where we proved that its electronic braking system failed, resulting in a loss of control of a large European sedan, which ran over our client who was a pedestrian. That enabled us to get full compensation for the pedestrian. If we had simply been suing the driver of the big European sedan, we would not have been able to achieve this kind of compensation in dollars, as he did not have enough insurance. This resulted in many millions of dollars to which the client was entitled. Our Sherman Oaks car accident attorney was able to find the true root cause of that crash, a brake failure, and obtain justice for our client.

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