Who’s Responsible for Multiple Vehicle Car Collision?

California freeways generally experience heavy traffic volume at high speeds everyday, sometimes leading to catastrophic multiple vehicle collisions. A deadly collision recently occurred along the Golden State Freeway, killing one and injuring nine others. At least three cars, three big rigs, and a pickup towing a trailer and a van were involved.

With several vehicles involved, who should be made liable for the death and injuries of the victims?

Initial reports said that a vehicle hit one of the big trucks causing it to cross over the center divider and into the opposite lane and hit another big truck, causing the latter and another big rig nearby to catch fire. Authorities, however, have refrained to state any findings until investigation into the complicated car collisions is completed.

Complicated Car Wrecks

In California, tort law allows an injured party or their surviving heirs to recover damages when the incident causing harm is due to the fault of another party such as when a truck driver has fallen asleep behind the wheel or was driving while under the influence.

But not all crashes are due to one party’s negligence or carelessness. Crashes involving several vehicles are often the result of a complex set of factors where one or more parties may have contributed to the catastrophic incident.

Claiming Compensation for Car Crash Injury

When initial findings indicate that fault or negligence of more than one party may have led to the crash, injured parties may find it a challenge to claim compensation from insurance companies of the parties involved. This is because insurance companies will try to assign blame on other parties, including the injured party, in order to justify its denial or reduction of the value of the insurance payout.

Role of Personal Injury Lawyer

It’s important to call an experienced personal injury attorney who can handle the paperwork and discussions with insurance companies rather than deal with the claims personnel on your own. Your Sherman Oaks car accident lawyer can also represent you before a jury and recover damages including the costs of past and future medical bills, past and future lost income, and for pain and suffering.

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