Two Men Dead after DUI-Related Crash

In some situations a car accident is unavoidable. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the majority of accidents which occur on our roadways. Too often they are the result of negligence by one or more parties.

Distracted driving and speeding are the top causes of car accidents in America today, but drunk driving comes in third. In the early hours of July 11 2016, 64-year-old Javier Gonzalez and 59-year-old Rodrigo Mendez were driving to their job at Manning Beef when a Cadillac crashed into their Honda.

Both men were pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the Cadillac, 21-year-old David Mendizabal, was transported to LAC+USC Medical Center, his legs having been crushed on impact.

Driving under the Influence Suspected

An off-duty EMT, Eloy Lara, was awoken by the sound of the impact and rushed to the scene. After checking the vital signs of both Gonzalez and Mendez, he checked on Mendizabal. Lara smelled alcohol on him and asked Mendizabal if he had been drinking. Mendizabel stated that he had.

Officials are working to determine if Mendizabal will be charged with vehicular manslaughter.

Accident Occurred on “Suicide Curve”

The accident happened on a stretch of road which many in the neighborhood refer to as “Suicide Curve”. According to nearby residents, this part of the road earned its name because cars are often traveling at high speeds and drivers inaccurately judge the severity of the turn.

Flexible posts have been installed to separate traffic along the curve, but locals say this still is not enough. Residents have planned to meet with city officials in mid-July to demand that more safety measures be put in place.

Many Factors at Play in a Car Accident

The NHTSA has recently reported that alcohol was a factor in over 40% of all automobile fatalities. But driver-based decisions are not the only factor which may play a role in a car accident. There are several factors to be taken into consideration, including:

  • The physical condition of the roadway
  • The weather
  • The mechanical performance of all vehicles involved

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