Truck Driver Abandons Cab after Fatal Accident

Just after 3am in April of this year a semi-truck collided with a pickup truck at East 37th Street and South Santa Fe Avenue after running a red light. Prior to the crash the semi-truck was involved in another minor crash.

After hitting the Chevy pickup truck, the Chevy became lodged underneath the trailer of the 18th-wheeler. The cab, however, went missing.

Driver Allegedly Abandons Trailer and Leaves the Scene

When rescue crews arrived at the scene, they had found the trailer and the pickup truck where the driver with minor injuries and the passenger who passed away due to his injuries were. What they did not find, however, was the cab of the truck.

After a short investigation authorities found the cab in a parking long nearby. A restaurant employee stated that she had found a twelve pack of beer next to the cab. Two beers were missing.

Shortly after the driver of the truck, Guillermo Ortiz Jr. was found and taken into custody.

Truck Driver Error Leading Cause of Trucking Accidents

Errors made by a truck driver are the leading cause of trucking accidents here in California. Impaired drivers in particular (such as this driver who may have been impaired by alcohol or other impaired by sleep deprivation or prescription medication) are prone to making poor decisions, taking unnecessary risks, and they are unable to act appropriately when facing dangers on our roadways.

Trucking accidents also often occur because:

  • The driver is driving too fast
  • The driver depowers the front brakes
  • The cargo has been loaded improperly

When ever there is a trucking accident, victims should investigate the driver, their conduct, and the role of the trucking company after an accident. Victims are often surprised to discover must how many different parties may be responsible for their injuries.

Seeking Legal Assistance for Your Truck-Related Incident

Not all truck-related incidents may require the expert handling of a law firm. But many injured claimants have been surprised to learn of their rights and what level of recovery they are entitled to for their injuries.

The Fox and Fox Law Corporation has been working with parties injured in truck-related accidents for well over a decade. We have the resources necessary to investigate all parts of the claim, including which businesses and entities are responsible for the truck driver in question.

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