Right of Way Questioned after Highland Car Crash Leaves Dead and Injured

A fiery car crash in Highland has left four dead and one person in critical condition.

17-year-old Nicolas Luna was returning home from school in a gold Ford Taurus which also held his 83-year-old grandfather, his 8-year-old niece and 7-year-old nephew. Luna turned in front of a silver Acura TL in the area of Cypress Street and Palm Avenue and the Acura crashed into their car.

The Taurus rolled over upon impact and burst into flames.

No Survivors in Taurus, Other Driver in Critical Condition

Three of the four occupants of the Taurus were not able to escape the vehicle. The driver was able to escape, but succumbed to his injuries shortly afterward. The driver of the Acura was taken to the hospital in critical condition. It is unclear who had right of way at the time of the collision.

Understanding Who Has Right of Way

Failure to obey right of way results in several car crashes every day.

The term “right of way” is used to determine which driver has the right to proceed. Right of way may be determined through signs, traffic signals, or following the rules of the road.

Some common scenarios where right of way may not be entirely clear include:

  • Making a left turn: Unless you have a green arrow, turning drivers must yield to oncoming traffic (including cars making a right turn when the light is green). If you turn left without a green arrow and strike a vehicle which is proceeding forward, it is likely that you will be found at fault
  • Making a turn on red: Turning right on a red is legally permissible unless signage indicates otherwise. In this situation you must yield to cars going through the intersection when there is a green light (including cars making a legal left turn on a solid green light). Vehicles moving on a green light always have right of way
  • Parking lots and driveways: Vehicles traveling on a main lane in a parking lot that exits to a street has right of way over other vehicles from “feeder” lanes. If you are backing out of a parking stall or a residential driveway, you must yield to vehicles already moving through the lane
  • Merging: While it is common courtesy to allow merging vehicles to join into the flow of traffic, it is not required. Any vehicle merging into flowing traffic must yield right of way to those which are already moving forward

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