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Truck Driver Abandons Cab after Fatal Accident

Just after 3am in April of this year a semi-truck collided with a pickup truck at East 37th Street and South Santa Fe Avenue after running a red light. Prior to the crash the semi-truck was involved in another minor crash. After hitting the Chevy pickup truck, the Chevy became lodged underneath the trailer of […]

Parents of Star Trek Actor Filing for Wrongful Death

A young actor has died and his parents are filing a wrongful death complaint against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Anton Yelchin, the 27-year-old star in the latest “Star Trek” movie and child of famous Soviet Union figure skaters Victor Yelchin and Irina Yelchin was killed on June 19. After walking away from his 2015 Jeep Grand […]

Can Paparazzi Be Liable for California Car Accidents

A high profile personality recently sued paparazzi for their contribution to a multiple car accident last year. The lawsuit, which is in the form of a cross complaint, alleged that at the time of the incident, photographers were driving recklessly and tailgating the cross plaintiff, a former Olympic athlete. She claimed that their behavior caused […]

Veteran Killed by Truck on Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day should be a day when we commemorate our country’s veterans and thank them for their service. Three men, however, will now remember it as the day their 91-year-old father, who had served in the Navy during World War II, was killed by a truck. On November 11th Raymond Lopez Sr. was riding his […]

California Teen Killed in Collision with Distracted Highway Officer

A 15-year-old California boy was killed in early June when a Highway Patrol officer struck a stopped vehicle. The boy was a passenger in a vehicle which was stopped in a construction zone along Interstate 5. According to authorities, the CHP officer was looking at the computer of a mobile road enforcement truck, and failed […]

Determining Liability in California Trucking Accidents

Each year, truck accidents in America claim upwards of two thousand lives. However, one thing that separates these types of incidents from others – like car or motorcycle accidents – is the question of liability. Specifically, should a trucking company be held liable if one of its drivers causes a collision or related accident? Establishing […]

Dealing with Complex Liability Issues in Automobile Accident Claims

When it comes to auto accident claims, there is typically one key issue – determining who (person or entity) is at fault for the incident. Typically, this boils down to proving negligence, or the fact that the driver failed to exercise reasonable caution or care while driving. However, there are situations where an individual or […]

Common Causes of Deadly Car Accidents in California

Fatal car crashes in California reportedly increased in 2015, as more Americans are taking to the roads. Reduced gas prices and a stronger economy are encouraging people to get behind the wheel again, but, as a consequence, also exposing them to risks of serious car accidents. Factors in Car Crashes Reckless driving: While poor weather […]

California Widow Accuses Pharmaceutical Companies in Wrongful Death Case

A San Francisco County resident has alleged that a prescription drug caused the untimely death of her husband in June of 2014. According to court documents, Leatrice Oliver filed a complaint in early June 2016 in U.S. District Court against multiple pharmaceutical organizations, citing manufacturing defect, strict liability, negligence, failure to warn and other counts. […]

Three Los Angeles County Freeways Identified as Truck Accident Hotspots

The Los Angeles area has one of the largest and busiest harbors for trucking in the United States. But increased trucking activity has also increased the risks of truck accidents along these roads, and, as a result, become a menace and threat to other motorists and passengers in smaller vehicles. The deadly sections where the […]