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Two Men Dead after DUI-Related Crash

In some situations a car accident is unavoidable. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the majority of accidents which occur on our roadways. Too often they are the result of negligence by one or more parties. Distracted driving and speeding are the top causes of car accidents in America today, but drunk driving comes […]

Parents of Teacher File Wrongful Death Action after Helicopter Crash

Two parents in Bakersfield, California have filed a wrongful death action against a helicopter company that was supposed to transport their daughter to the hospital. Instead of successfully arriving, the helicopter crashed and killed everyone inside. The daughter was a substitute teacher who was experiencing various pains in her body when a helicopter was sent […]

Off-Duty Officer Killed in Car Crash

In the first few hours of 2017, an off duty Los Angeles police officer was tragically killed in a car accident in the Simi Valley. The officer was a passenger in a vehicle that collided with an Uber car as it was driving someone home. There were three other individuals injured in the crash but […]

Thirty-one Injured and Thirteen Killed in Truck Accident

A tour bus carrying individuals home to Los Angeles from a casino trip crashed into the back of an eighteen-wheeler semi truck in the early hours of a recent Sunday morning. The cause of the accident is still unknown, but it is reported that the bus driver hit the truck at a very high rate […]

$36 Million Verdict for Bobbi Brown’s Wrongful Death

In late November 2016, Bobbi Brown’s estate was awarded $36 million in damages to be paid by her former boyfriend, Nick Gordon. Bobbi Brown, daughter of the law Whitney Houston, died in July 2015 from cardiac arrest. While the exact circumstances of her death are still unknown, Brown’s father alleged that Gordon gave Bobbi a […]

Former Athlete Wins $125 Million in Damages from Car Accident

A 21-year old champion athlete was on his way to work one fateful morning when the car he was driving figured in a car accident that would change his life forever. Driving his parents’ vehicle to get to work, the plaintiff was about to make a left turn on an intersection when the defendant’s car […]

$2.1 Million in Damages Awarded to Truck Accident Case Victim

Due to the disparity in size and weight between trucks and ordinary cars, injuries arising from truck accidents tend to be more severe for the occupants of smaller vehicles. The risk factors in truck accidents are often driver-related such as drunk driving, distracted driving, driver exhaustion, and poor vehicle maintenance. Depending on the circumstances surrounding […]

Jury Awards $45M to Children Who Lost Their Mom in Car Accident

A jury in Los Angeles County recently awarded $45 million in damages to the children of one of two women who died in a car accident in 2012. The children, most of them only in their teens, were those of the decedent who died when a car driven by an intoxicated driver crashed into her […]

Alleged Provider of Prescriptive Drugs Sued for Wrongful Death

A Hollywood actor is facing a wrongful death lawsuit in connection with the apparent suicide of a former girlfriend last year. The decedent was found dead in her L.A. apartment and apparently committed suicide. The actor is denying the allegations against him, calling the wrongful death case a ‘terrible shame’. The plaintiff is the estranged […]