Jury Awards $45M to Children Who Lost Their Mom in Car Accident

A jury in Los Angeles County recently awarded $45 million in damages to the children of one of two women who died in a car accident in 2012. The children, most of them only in their teens, were those of the decedent who died when a car driven by an intoxicated driver crashed into her and another woman who had gone out to buy tacos from a food truck. The owner of the car was also sued for not taking away her keys and preventing the other defendant from operating her vehicle.

Details of the Car Accident

According to the lawsuit, the decedent felt like having some tacos that night and decided to leave her home and buy them at a parked food truck nearby. The driver of the car had earlier consumed some tequila and was visibly drunk when she drove the car which was owned by a long-time friend.

Police began pursuing the driver, believing that she was intoxicated, having observed her driving on the highway. When police tried to make a stop, the driver refused to pull over and instead sped away, even running a red light. She then entered a parking lot where the food truck was situated and crashed into it, killing the decedent and another woman.

Liability of Car Owner for Accident

While the owner of the vehicle was not present during the accident, the plaintiffs argued that the car owner knew that the driver was drunk but still allowed her to operate the vehicle that led to the car accident. They maintained that the accident would not have happened if the car owner had exercised reasonable care.

The jury awarded $11.25 million to each sibling.

Claiming Compensation for Car Accident

Speeding and intoxication are deadly combinations on the road and have led to the most catastrophic car accidents in California. If you or a loved one is involved in a car crash, getting appropriate medical treatment and care for any injury should be your priority. You should also be able to speak with an experienced Sherman Oaks car accident attorney about your situation in order to determine whether a right to compensation exists under the circumstances.

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