Can Paparazzi Be Liable for California Car Accidents

A high profile personality recently sued paparazzi for their contribution to a multiple car accident last year. The lawsuit, which is in the form of a cross complaint, alleged that at the time of the incident, photographers were driving recklessly and tailgating the cross plaintiff, a former Olympic athlete. She claimed that their behavior caused a visual distraction that led to the car crash that killed the occupant of another vehicle.

The celebrity was cleared of criminal charges arising from the crash but became a defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit that she later settled with the decedent’s family.

The cross complaint reminds us of the same issue of paparazzi chasing celebrities and causing accidents that arose several years ago when Princess Diana was killed in a car accident.

Allegations of Contributory Negligence

The cross complaint alleged that the paparazzi:

  • Drove at unreasonable speed in violation of California Vehicle Code Section 22350
  • Tailgated the cross plaintiff with intent to capture a visual image, sound recording, or physical impression of another person for commercial purposes in violation of California Vehicle Code Section 40008
  • Drove recklessly causing injury
  • Interfered with the driver of a vehicle, affecting the driver’s ability to control the vehicle

The complaint sought a judgment ordering that damages arising from the accident be apportioned among the defendants.

California Car Accident Law

Car accidents involving multiple vehicles can be complex cases.

As a rule, a person injured in a California car accident may generally recover damages against persons whose negligence or recklessness caused their injuries. But when two or more drivers or parties appear to have some fault in the car accident, determining legal responsibility can be a challenge.

Following the principle of comparative negligence which California follows, it is possible for several parties to be legally responsible for damages in proportion to their fault. If you are injured in a multiple car accident, it’s to your advantage discuss your case immediately with an experienced car accident attorney.

Your personal injury lawyer can conduct a thorough investigation, determine responsibility, represent you in discussions with insurance companies, raise the most compelling arguments in your favor, and if necessary, call on an accident reconstruction expert to testify in your case.

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