Alleged Provider of Prescriptive Drugs Sued for Wrongful Death

A Hollywood actor is facing a wrongful death lawsuit in connection with the apparent suicide of a former girlfriend last year. The decedent was found dead in her L.A. apartment and apparently committed suicide. The actor is denying the allegations against him, calling the wrongful death case a ‘terrible shame’.

The plaintiff is the estranged husband of the decedent. He claims that the defendant used his money and celebrity status to unlawfully obtain and distribute prescription drugs through a false name. He further alleged that the regulated substances obtained by the actor were highly addictive which the decedent used to take her own life. The decedent was allegedly prone to depression.

Persons entitled to wrongful death compensation

Wrongful death is a type of personal injury action which the surviving heirs, usually the spouse, children, and parents of the decedent may file against persons or parties whose negligence or fault caused the death of the decedent.

Wrongful death compensation may be available for:

  • Funeral expenses of the decedent
  • Loss of love and affection
  • Loss of companionship
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

The plaintiff in the case against the actor did not specify the amount of damages in his claim for wrongful death although he said that the actor reneged on an earlier promise to pay for the decedent’s funeral expenses.

Importance of personal injury attorney

Various types of fatal accidents such as auto accidents, truck crashes, defective products, and other negligent situations can be the basis for a wrongful death case. For a plaintiff to succeed in a personal injury case, it’s important to establish the cause of the death, the negligence or recklessness of the defendant, and the extent of the injury suffered by the decedent’s surviving heirs.

A skilled and experienced wrongful death attorney can sort the legal issues involved and demonstrate essential matters such as:

  • The negligence or recklessness of the defendant
  • The relationship between the plaintiff and the decedent and the nature of such relationship
  • The earning capacity of the decedent

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