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Bicyclist Crushed After Container Slips Off Truck

The truck driver whose shipping container came loose and fatally crushed a bicyclist from Long Beach in late October 2015 has been charged with vehicular manslaughter On October 27, 2015 51-year-old Robert Castorena was riding his bicycle on Santa Fe Avenue near the Carson-Long Beach city border. While riding along the right side of the […]

Contaminated Medical Scopes Cause Multiple Deaths

A man described as an affectionate and funny husband, father and grandfather passed away in August 2013 after contracting a deadly super bug linked to contaminated medical scopes. Now his wife and the hospital where the man received treatment are suing the the company responsible for creating these scopes. Fifty-seven-year-old Richard Bigler had been diagnosed […]

Injuries Sustained in Riverside Truck Crash

All southbound lanes on the 215 Freeway in Riverside were recently shut down after a semi-truck collided with a guardrail and was sent sliding across all lanes. The northbound semi-truck was towing a trailer in the second lane on the freeway near the Van Buren Boulevard exit. For reasons unknown, the cab veered into the […]

Right of Way Questioned after Highland Car Crash Leaves Dead and Injured

A fiery car crash in Highland has left four dead and one person in critical condition. 17-year-old Nicolas Luna was returning home from school in a gold Ford Taurus which also held his 83-year-old grandfather, his 8-year-old niece and 7-year-old nephew. Luna turned in front of a silver Acura TL in the area of Cypress […]

Who’s Responsible for Multiple Vehicle Car Collision?

California freeways generally experience heavy traffic volume at high speeds everyday, sometimes leading to catastrophic multiple vehicle collisions. A deadly collision recently occurred along the Golden State Freeway, killing one and injuring nine others. At least three cars, three big rigs, and a pickup towing a trailer and a van were involved. With several vehicles […]

Property Owners Sued for Wrongful Death Due to Poisoning

The owners of an apartment building where a married couple died are facing a wrongful death lawsuit for the owners’ alleged failure to properly install carbon monoxide detectors which led to the untimely passing of the couple who had occupied a unit in the building. Cause of Wrongful Death The couple, who were in their […]

Two Fatalities in Recent Collisions with Big Rigs

A man was killed on March 23, 2017, after his car smashed into a big rig on the 101 Freeway. The truck had been parked along the shoulder of the road when the smaller vehicle crashed into it. In another incident, a man was killed on March 8, when his Ford F-150 veered into the […]

Wrongful Death Suit Brought Against Catholic Diocese

A 50 year old Los Angeles man committed suicide in 2015 after he was unable to cope with continued feelings of depression, violation, and guilt. He struggled with these emotions for decades, after having been subjected to repeated sexual abuse by a local area priest as a child. His family is now pursuing a wrongful […]

New California Traffic Rule to Reduce Car Accident Risks

Starting this year, motorists are no longer allowed to hold and operate a mobile telephone or wireless electronic communications device while driving a motor vehicle. Under Assembly Bill 1785, mobile communications devices must be fastened on the car’s windshield or attached to the center console or dashboard, away from the hands of motorists. The only […]

Huge Commercial Truck Accident Verdicts a Continuing Trend

Insurance premiums are increasingly expensive for commercial trucks in the U.S. The cost of truck insurance is attributed to the continuing trend of the so-called ‘nuclear’ verdicts that juries have issued in catastrophic truck accidents. Federal regulations generally require commercial trucks with a gross weight exceeding 10,000 pounds to maintain an insurance coverage of at […]