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James Fox Personal Injury Attorney in Sherman OaksRobert Fox Personal Injury Attorney in Sherman Oaks, CA
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What type of experience does your Sherman Oaks Personal Injury Law firm have?

The Sherman Oaks Personal Injury attorneys at Fox and Fox Law Corporation have been practicing law for over 35 years. We chose to focus on personal injury in order to help people receive fair compensation for injuries caused by the negligence of others. Sherman Oaks Personal Injury Lawyer Fox has an extensive medical background. Early in his practice, he focused on medical malpractice cases which gave him access to the medical library. He has studied all aspects of medicine and the law. Mr. Fox feels he has a unique understanding of the medical causes of injury, how the injuries are diagnosed, and appropriate treatment. His first case involved a gentleman who lost his thumb after a heart operation. Sherman Oaks Personal Injury Attorney Fox successfully prosecuted a claim against the United States Veteran's Administration hospital for malpractice by the anesthesiologist.

After that, he gained some expertise in birth injuries, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries. When it comes to the more common types of injuries caused by automobile crashes, truck crashes, motorcycle crashes, Sherman Oaks Personal Injury lawyer Mr. Fox feels that he is in a unique position to be able to explain how trauma causes injury, long term pain, long term memory loss, and long term cognitive problems.

What is a personal injury?

Personal injury refers typically to a bodily injury. In other words, an injury to our body caused by trauma. Once that injury occurs, the injury may manifest itself in non-bodily injury problems such as loss of memory, emotional distress, psychiatric disorders, loss of earnings, loss of the ability to work, and loss of future earning capacity. However, it all begins with a physical or bodily injury.

What difference can a Sherman Oaks personal injury lawyer have on a case?

An experienced Sherman Oaks personal injury lawyer can help a client get the fairest compensation for the injury. The right Sherman Oaks personal injury lawyer will explain to the insurance adjusters, and ultimately to a judge and a jury, how an injury causes a profound change in one's ability to enjoy life, to do the things that we are accustomed to doing, to live our lives without pain, and the consequences to our lives when we live in pain and have lasting results from an injury. The right personal injury attorney can take a case that many lawyers might feel have little value, and turn it into a more fair claim where the client receives fair compensation.

What types of cases does Fox and Fox Corporation take for personal injury?

Our Sherman Oaks personal injury law firm takes all injury claims involving medicine, injury, and the law. This would include:

We also handle cases involving negligence of physicians in hospitals and nursing homes. Our law firm's Sherman Oaks personal injury attorneys have also handled cases, which we refer to as "legal malpractice," where a lawyer who represents a client in a personal injury case makes mistakes resulting in the loss of the claim, or in a damage award that is not adequate and not fair. In those cases, we will assist the client in a lawsuit against his own lawyer.

How does your Sherman Oaks personal injury Attorney make a difference?

The Fox and Fox Corporation makes a difference by fighting hard and relentlessly on behalf of our clients. We will search for a cause of an injury that many Sherman Oaks personal injury attorneys will not.

We once had a client who lost both of her legs in a motorcycle crash. She was riding on the back of a motorcycle. The motorcycle went around a curve, her boyfriend lost control and went across the double yellow line, and this 19 year old was crushed by an oncoming car after she fell off the motorcycle.

She went to a Sherman Oaks personal injury lawyer who told her that all she could do was sue the driver of the motorcycle who lost control. It was her boyfriend, and he had a $15,000 insurance policy and that all they could get for her was $15,000. Our Sherman Oaks personal injury attorneys law firm looked at the case. We investigated the curve where the crash occurred on a canyon road in Los Angeles. We found that Caltrans, who posts warning signs on curves, had a 40 mile an hour speed limit on this curve. The proper speed for that curve should have been 25 miles per hour, and the sign should have reflected a warning of 25 instead of 40. On that basis we successfully prosecuted a claim on the dangerous condition of the highway, and our client received full compensation. The difference was that one lawyer just saw a crash as the fault of a driver, whereas our law firm's Sherman Oaks personal injury lawyer investigated the true cause, which was a defective roadway.

How should someone prepare for an initial consultation?

Our Sherman Oaks personal injury attorneys law firm prefers that the person bring as much medical data as possible to the first consultation. If possible, they should bring any medical records, a police report, and photographs of their vehicles if it involves a car crash. If it involves a medical malpractice claim, we would like to see the medical records, and photographs of injuries showing bodily injury or trauma. These are things we request the client bring to the first consultation.


Our Sherman Oaks Personal Injury Attorney law firm investigates the root cause of an injury. For example, sometimes a car gets into a crash because it is somebody's fault and an airbag goes off into the client's face. It may turn out that the airbag causes the injury, rather than the crash itself. We look at these things. Our Sherman Oaks personal injury law firm is capable of prosecuting lawsuits against the manufacturer of airbags, seat belts, and tires. We investigate the root causes, and look for the claims against the manufacturers and designers of products that cause injury, not just the other driver.

Where Fair Compensation Is No Accident

You had little to no control over the circumstances that led to your injury accident. It might have been the split-second before the other driver collided with your car. It might have been brakes that failed, an airbag that did not deploy, or other equipment malfunction. It might have been an unqualified doctor who injured you or a loved one.

While you might not have been in control of what led to your accident, you are in control of how you respond to it ... and that includes choosing a Sherman Oaks personal injury law firm to fight on your behalf. You have the ability to choose a Sherman Oaks personal injury lawyer you feel comfortable with, who has the experience and results that you should demand when your financial future's on the line, and who has a passion for standing up to the negligent parties of the world, their insurance companies and their lawyers.


We didn't build a national reputation for results by taking the easy way out, accepting whatever settlement our clients were offered. Instead, our Sherman Oaks personal injury attorneys have always believed in developing cases with the full expectation that they will go to trial. If they do, we are already meticulously prepared. If they don't, we've worked to put our clients in the best possible position for maximum compensation through a settlement.

Experience and success are only one part of the equation, however. Just as important is making the clients who choose our Sherman Oaks personal injury law firm comfortable with the legal process. We take tremendous pride in being accessible as well as approachable. For clients who have already been through so much, working with a California personal injury lawyer should make their lives better, not more difficult.

Practice Areas

We know that negligence can play a role in just about any "accident," and we welcome the opportunity to speak with you and inform you of your legal options during a free, confidential consultation. Schedule yours now: call (818) 986-4494 or send an email. Click the links below to learn about more specific cases our firm handles.

Our happy clients

  • "My daughter suffered a very serious injury at birth. Mr. Fox obtained a settlement that guarantees her lifetime financial security. Thank you Mr Fox!

  • "James Fox took on my malpractice case, battled in court and won a large sum of money for my family -- amazing lawyer...brilliant in the courtroom!
    Malpractice Client

  • "My daughter suffered a very serious injury at birth. Mr. Fox obtained a settlement that guarantees her lifetime financial security. Thank you Mr Fox!

  • "Sometimes I forget Fox is not a doctor -- he's the smartest lawyer I've ever met and knew more medicine than stupid doctors who nearly killed me by prescribing the wrong drug. The pharmacy should have picked up on my doctors mistake. Fox filed suit against doctor and pharmacy and we won! I learned to always double check any prescription pills before taking them. fox taught me some good lesson. His staff was really nice too -- great people, always there to help. I hope I wing need them again -- but I trust them with all I got!

  • "I had a bad accident and hired a lawyer I found on internet who wanted to settle my case for $15,000. Then I found Fox and Fox who ended up suing my first lawyer for legal malpractice and got $250,000...which I was entitled to in first place.

  • "Mr. Fox was wonderful. I was in a bad car accident with my two daughters. He took care of us from the very beginning. He handled everything in a very professional manner, and at the same time was very caring and reassuring. I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer.

  • "My wife died in a hospital due to malpractice. Mr. Fox took my case and settled it so that my two girls now have a college fund, and I am able to provide for them until that time. He helped me through a difficult time in my life and I am very grateful.

Our Happy Clients


Fox & Fox Law Corporation is a Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California-based personal injury firm, serving clients throughout the San Fernando Valley and all other parts of Greater Los Angeles, including Glendale and Pasadena. Our law firm also represents clients statewide and throughout the United States.