Dealing with Complex Liability Issues in Automobile Accident Claims

When it comes to auto accident claims, there is typically one key issue – determining who (person or entity) is at fault for the incident. Typically, this boils down to proving negligence, or the fact that the driver failed to exercise reasonable caution or care while driving. However, there are situations where an individual or […]

Common Causes of Deadly Car Accidents in California

Fatal car crashes in California reportedly increased in 2015, as more Americans are taking to the roads. Reduced gas prices and a stronger economy are encouraging people to get behind the wheel again, but, as a consequence, also exposing them to risks of serious car accidents. Factors in Car Crashes Reckless driving: While poor weather […]

California Widow Accuses Pharmaceutical Companies in Wrongful Death Case

A San Francisco County resident has alleged that a prescription drug caused the untimely death of her husband in June of 2014. According to court documents, Leatrice Oliver filed a complaint in early June 2016 in U.S. District Court against multiple pharmaceutical organizations, citing manufacturing defect, strict liability, negligence, failure to warn and other counts. […]

Three Los Angeles County Freeways Identified as Truck Accident Hotspots

The Los Angeles area has one of the largest and busiest harbors for trucking in the United States. But increased trucking activity has also increased the risks of truck accidents along these roads, and, as a result, become a menace and threat to other motorists and passengers in smaller vehicles.  The deadly sections where the […]

When to Raise a Wrongful Death Claim in California

The news of a loved one’s death is always a difficult experience. It only increases the level of pain and devastation to realize that their death was caused through the negligence or wrong actions of another. An unavoidable accident is a tragedy, but an unavoidable accident can be devastating. Differences Between Wrongful Death and Criminal […]

Who Can Sue for Wrongful Death?

Losing a loved one suddenly and unexpectedly in an accident can be devastating, particularly for family members who depend on that person for love and support. Another person’s negligence or wrongdoing may have caused the car crash, pedestrian accident, bicycle accident, truck accident, or medical malpractice leading to the death of a family member. In […]