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You had little to no control over the circumstances that led to your injury accident. It might have been the split-second before the other driver collided with your car. It might have been brakes that failed, an airbag that did not deploy, or other equipment malfunction. It might have been an unqualified doctor who injured you or a loved one.

While you might not have been in control of what led to your accident, you are in control of how you respond to it ... and that includes choosing a law firm to fight on your behalf. You have the ability to choose a lawyer you feel comfortable with, who has the experience and results that you should demand when your financial future's on the line, and who has a passion for standing up to the negligent parties of the world, their insurance companies and their lawyers.

The Firm You Need: Fox And Fox

We didn't build a national reputation for results by taking the easy way out, accepting whatever settlement our clients were offered. Instead, our attorneys have always believed in developing cases with the full expectation that they will go to trial. If they do, we are already meticulously prepared. If they don't, we've worked to put our clients in the best possible position for maximum compensation through a settlement.

Experience and success are only one part of the equation, however. Just as important is making the clients who choose our firm comfortable with the legal process. We take tremendous pride in being accessible as well as approachable. For clients who have already been through so much, working with a lawyer should make their lives better, not more difficult.

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